01 water bulb
 02 rain drop window
 03 dandelion fiter
 04 branch tool
 05 rain drop calendar
 06 pushpin calendar
 07 puddle dish
 08 time of the sky
 09 your area
 10 your level
 11 earphone
 12 bulb

 13 your level stool

 14 a cup of coffee
 15 bread palette
 16 re:time of the sky

 case studies

These are levels live in your life.
Somewhere in Japan, the dining room, the garden, in school, everywhere, We live with this stool.
I remember my grandmother used it at her sewing machine. For us, it is more than an ordinary stool.
"your level stool" is born from this fact of our life.
I sit on it.
Sometimes it is a small table for my coffee. Sometimes my little cat sleeps on it in the sun.
Then level comes back again.
They are all in different levels, but they are all your Levels.

your level stool


 ordinaly stool

 2009 March